Youth Soccer League

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Closed Registration Div. 2000-98 from 04/29/2018




Soccer Uniforms for Sale

Adult $25 dlls - Youth Kids $23 dlls

For more information plase contac me (951)2881357


 From now on all games the need to be postponed need 8 days of prior notification. Notifications of all games postponed will have to  be either in person or by phone only. The teams that  postponed their match will lose by means of game/match and will have to pay all  fees that apply. Failure to comply will result in loss of game scheduling for those teams. Once the game schedule has been  programmed there will be no changes to it. Thanks for your support.

 A partir de hoy los avisos para posponer un juego tendra que ser con 8 dias de anticipacion, y tendra que ser avisado personalmente  o por telefono solamente. Los equipos que no decidan presentarse perderan el juego y pagaran los 2 arbitrajes. De no hacerlo no se  le programaran juegos. Una vez puesta la programacion de juegos no habra cambios. Gracias por su comprension.

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Alcoholic Beverages or open cointeiners are not allowed on our soccer fields. If is caught drinking alcoholic beverages they will be expelled and removed from our league. 

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Note: Not Completing or acepting punishment, will result in severe consequences including and up to removal from the league.